Contact the Parish

At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary we foster strong links between the Parish and school communities.

Our Parish Priest, Father Henry Duc, celebrates Mass with us and is an active member of our learning community. We encourage all in our community to be active participants in the support of the children's faith development and outreach.

Parish Sacramental Program

Our Lady of Lourdes follows the Parramatta Diocesan policy regarding the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, and Reconciliation.

The parish where families worship is the parish where children receive their sacraments. In the Diocese of Parramatta, sacramental programs are parish-based and family-centred. While our school supports these programs, the parish sacramental team is responsible for the preparation of the children. Sacramental preparation takes place in the parish and involves the child's family.

Our Lady of Lourdes' parish-based sacramental program takes place every year for children in Year Three and above. An information evening takes place each year for those wishing to enrol in the following year's program. Parents are required to come along to all meetings with their child/ren.

For further details please contact the Parish office on (02) 9622 2920.