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2022 Stage 2 Kaleidescope Science Incursion

On Tuesday the 2nd of August Stage 2 took part in a Science Incursion. In our Science Incursion we learned about matter. We had someone from Kaleidoscope come over and teach us about the three states of matter. These states are called Solids, Liquids and Gases. We also learned more about atoms. We had some different experiments, like dry ice turning into gas and the ice didn’t even melt! Then we had two of the same square plates. They were exactly the same except one was metal which made it cold and one was plastic which made it warmer so we put ice on it and the metal one warmed it quicker! We also got to see an experiment with plasma! The guy got one bottle and put two screws with it and then got his toy plasma ball and put them together and it made plasma inside of the bottle. Another cool thing he did with the dry ice is he put them in little containers of warm water and then POP! They went flying. Then he did one with carbon dioxide where he put it in a bottle and then put a balloon on the top and then, because the carbon dioxide had nowhere to go, it filled up the balloon and the balloon popped! Then he brought out mercury and then poured it into a heart-shaped chocolate mould, put it in a cooler and then it froze. Tatjana Paku

2022 Kindergarten Calmsley Hill City Farm Excursion

On Monday August 1st, Kindergarten went on an excursion to Calmsley Hill Farm! The children experienced a variety of activities and were introduced to many different animals. On arrival students were greeted by Farmer Jack and Farmer Georgia. They were our tour guides for the day. After recess the children went on a guided tour around the farm. They were introduced to animals like; Maggie the Cow, Coco the Camel, Jonah the Koala and Sally the Sheep. We were lucky enough to take a ride on a tractor and walk through the nursery. We then watched different shows which gave us an insight into what happens day to day on the farm. We watched the whipping, dog andsheep shearing shows. The children had a great day and are looking forward to learning more about farm animals during our Investigations unit!

2022 Musica Viva!

Last Tuesday the 21st of June the students enjoyed a performance called "Music in My Suitcase" from the Mara! Band from the company Musica Viva. It was an amazing performance and experience for the students to see live music, learn about other cultures and languages and learn about different instruments, all while singing catchy songs! Special congratulations to Ariana in Year 2 and Natasha in Year 5 for being brave enough to teach Mara how to count to 5 in their cultural languages of Nepalese and Hindi, which she then performed as part of their song, "Bir Mumdur" which the students learnt in Creative Arts lessons before the performance. The students all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and lots of fun was had by all!

2022 Stage 1 Sydney Zoo Excursion

On Friday the 20th of May Years 1 & 2 went to Sydney Zoo as part of their learning for their Living Things Unit this term. They had an amazing time! Here are some photos of Year 1's adventures. 🐍🦓🐘🦘🦒

2022 Lifted Live Jr Concert

On the 19th of May Miss Brownlow, Ms Armstrong and selected Stage 3 students attended Lifted Live Jnr. This was an amazing day organised by the Parramatta Mission Team. The students had the opportunity to participate in song, testimony, discussion and prayer with Melbourne-based Catholic singer Gen Bryant. The day was centred around the theme of Pentecost. Stage 3 students were invited to reflect on times the Holy Spirit has been present in their lives and listened to the experiences of others. It was an amazing experience that left each person feeling enriched and filled with the Holy Spirit.

2022 Stage 3 Fizzics Incursion

On Yhursday the 5th of May Years 5 & 6 students got to enjoy taking part in some experiments with Fizzics Education for their science incursion. This was an awesome experience for the students to help them make connections in their learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases this term. 🧪👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

2022 Ms Byrnes 40th School Camp Teddy Adventures

Today we commemorated a very special occasion for our very special Principal- Ms Keiran Byrnes. She is celebrating an amazing milestone which we think would be a diocese record. Ms Byrnes is celebrating her 40th school camp she has attended in all her years of teaching! We gifted Ms Byrnes with a special teddy bear from the Royal Australian Mint for her to keep always in her office. Congratulations Ms Byrnes! You are amazing!

2022 Stage 3 Canberra Camp

From Wednesday 2nd- Friday 4th March the Students in Stage 3 along with teachers Ms Byrnes, Mrs Ferguson, Ms Critchlow, Miss Tien, Miss Muddle, Miss Datson, Mrs Willemse and our 2 parents helpers Mr Albion and Mr Laus, headed to Canberra for 3 days of learning and fun! We had an amazing experience visiting places such as Geo Science Australia, The National Museum, The Royal Australian Mint, Parliament House, the War Memorial, The AIS and Questacon. It was a great camp and we managed to avoid the rain in Sydney! Visit our Gallery to view our many photos of the adventures!

2021 Stage 3 Bathurst Camp

In Week 1 of Term 2 the Stage 3 students along with Ms Byrnes, Mrs Ferguson, Miss Muddle, Ms Critchlow, Mr Owen, Miss Datson and Mrs Willemse traveled to Bathurst for 3 days of fun and learning. On Day 1 We visited Little Hartley then drove on Mount Panorma to Bathurst Goldfields. There we had an Aboriginal talk and learnt to throw a boomerang. We also re-enacted in costumes Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson’s journey to discover this area. In the afternoon we played some drama games and after dinner enjoyed trivia and more games. On Day 2 we traveled to Hill End and had an amazing tour of the town and learnt so much about the rich history. Then we did some gold panning and found flecks of gold!! After that we traveled to History Hill to enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch and a tour of the museum. There were many incredible artefacts from the gold rush. Including a piece of the largest gold nugget specimen in the world- "The Beyers and Holtermann Nugget". We even walked through a mine shaft and climbed 7 ladders to get to the top. We had an amazing bus ride on the Mount Panorama Race track too! We enjoyed a talent quest that night and a dance off. Many laughs and good times. On Day 3 we explored the education Centre at Bathurst Goldfields where we stayed and took part in the program of life on the Goldfields. We made damper, made mud bricks, played olden games, explored a cottage, schoolhouse, Chinese temple and museum. We got to see how Blacksmiths made tools and the systems in place on the goldfields. Very impressive! We learnt so much and were excited to come home after one big group photo at the top of Mount Panorama. We love Bathurst!

2021 Stage 2 The Rocks Excursion

On Monday the 26th of April, year 3 and year 4 went on an excursion to The Rocks in the city. We got there by two buses, and we got to drive over the Harbour Bridge. When we got there we first dressed up as the captain, free settlers, convicts and soldiers.Then year 3 and year 4 got split into three groups. We got shown a police station and a cafe but in 1788 it was a hospital. We heard ghost stories about Susan and Old Man Jeff. There were lots of old houses and new houses. We discovered that, when convicts came, they built houses and wrote their initials on the sandstones. We had our lunch in front of the harbour. After that we had the olympics and a trivia game mixed together! After that we drew an amazing drawing of the harbour in the past and the present. We really enjoyed it, and learned lots more facts for our history unit.