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New teachers and leaders called to serve

Beginning teachers, new school principals and leaders gathered for a moving celebration at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta as Bishop Vincent Long and Parish Priests blessed and welcomed Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese staff to their new roles.

2022 Year 6 Last Day!

On Friday we farewelled the Year 6 2022 class as they walked through the gate for the last time. We wish you well on your new journey to High School. We will miss you!

2022 Year 6 Graduation Disco

Year 6 had the best time tonight! We danced the night away in style!! 🪩 What a great way to finish off an amazing day of Graduation Celebrations!

2022 Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful Graduation Ceremony on Thursday morning. We enjoyed some great speeches and a video presentation from Mrs Willemse. Congratulations to the Year 6 Graduating class of 2022!

2022 End of Year and Year 6 Graduation Mass

On Thursday the 15th of December we gathered as a school community for the last time in 2022 to celebrate our End of Year/Year 6 Graduation Mass. It was a lovely celebration of the Year 6 students' journey and all the students and staff leaving the school received a lovely blessing.

2022 Year 6 Leadership Day

Last Wednesday the 8th of December, the Year 6 students took part in a Leadership Day. The students enjoyed participating in different leadership challenges and enjoyed the teamwork and bonding experience in their last few days of Primary school! 😊

2022 Movie Day and Meal Deal

On Friday the 9th of December the boys and girls had a wonderful treat, courtesy of the parent group- a Movie Day and Meal Deal. The students enjoyed seeing "Ferdinand" on the big screen in the Hall and a yummy sausage sizzle for lunch. Thank you to our wonderful OLOL Parent Group for this lovely experience for the students! 😄

2022 Semester 2 Principal Morning Tea

Congratulations to the children who achieved Commendable Effort across all subjects for their reports to be invited to the Semester 2 Principal's morning tea on Thursday the 8th of December. The students enjoyed an extended recess and a goodie bag to enjoy with Ms Byrnes. Well done everyone!

2022 Year 5 Leadership Speeches

Last Week Year 5 students all wrote a letter to Ms Byrnes, explaining their leadership qualities and why they would be a good school leader for OLOL in 2023. The shortlisted students presented their letters to the students in Years 2-5. Best of luck to the students and well done on your fantastic efforts. We will find out our new school leaders for 2023 at the End of Year Mass this Thursday. 🙂

2022 End of Year Awards and Christmas Concert

On Tuesday the 6th of December we had an incredible night for our 2022 End of Year Awards Ceremony and Christmas Concert. Congratulations to all the award recipients and all the performers and students. Amazing job to everyone!