2019 Athletics Carnival

2019 OLOL Athletics Carnival

2019 Athletics Carnival 01 . 2019 Athletics Carnival 07

On Tuesday the 23rd of July we had our School Athletics Carnival. We were blessed with beautiful weather and all of the children from Kindergarten to Year 6 had a fantastic day competing in running races, field events and other fun activities during the Tabloid. Thank you to all of the parents who came to support the children and cheer them on throughout the day.  A special mention to all of the parent volunteers who assisted on the day as timekeepers, ribbon writers and starters. Without the parent volunteers we would not be able to run the day as successfully as we did.

Congratulations to the winning house, Green and to all of our Age Champions and Sportsmanship award winners. To see photos from the day click here: 2019 Athletics Carnival

Age Champions:

Junior Girl - Amelia Herczeg

Junior Boy - Alexander Spadaro

11 Years Girl - Awien Lual

11 Years Boy - Rhys Webster 

Senior Girls - Zoe van Zoggel 

Senior Boys - Zackary Armitage


Sportsmanship Awards:

Kindergarten - Alexander Nowak and Scarlett Bong

Year 1 - Sabareesh Srisankaran and Kyra Prajapati 

Year 2 - Avish Pragash and Talysha Johnson

8 years - Evren Semerci and Danielle Katafono 

9 Years - Lucas Laus and Pranuti Saisriraam 

10 Years - Ruby Sultana and Zachary Osborne

11 Years - George Palmiotto and Nysa Sethi

12 Years - Haisam Chauhdary and Jessie Raad.